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Straight Talk: Hair Strengthening In Tokyo

April 29th 2016

Right in the middle of Tokyo, in Harajuku—that rare beast of a neighborhood that influences fashion and beauty like no other—is Marianne, a former Parisian hairdresser who decided to set up shop and master the art of silky, shiny, and sleek hair: the kind Japanese women sport daily and the rest of the world lusts after. FAB got the lowdown on the ultimate Tokyo salon smoother – it’s really the final word on fighting frizz and cutting down styling time.

Absolute Control

Although culturally, Japanese women have the kind of poker-straight locks that dreams are made of, their quest for perfection means treatments have to deliver even better and (if you can believe it) smoother results. “This isn’t something that can be done at home.” says Marianne. “When you’re trying to control a cowlick say or reduce volume, you have to be very precise. Japanese women don’t have curls, but they are obsessed with thick hair that has lots of movement.” In the pursuit of silky, swingy, frizz-free hair, there are a dizzying number of tempting in-salon services to choose from, but as Marianne explains, all are not created equal.

 Straight To The Point

First of all, to protect the hair, Marianne begins by using a pre-drying oil that hydrates intensely and then uses sakura (cherry-blossom) extract to gently lift the color. She then uses a straightener in a constant and rhythmical circular motion so that it doesn’t ever burn the hair. “The most important part of this process is that I straighten sections of hair under one centimeter which gives a brilliantly precise finish, and that I use a very quick motion from the root to the tips.” Rounding the points, especially on a natural bob look, or leaving the ends of the hair stiff create a sharp effect. In a few minutes, the results are there: perfectly straight and hydrated hair.

Seems like the big, bouncy blow-dry is out, and poker-straight hair is well and truly back on the agenda for spring/summer 2016. Now you just need roomy silhouettes and an insouciant attitude to compliment the ironed and almost preppy-esque look. Happy shopping!