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The Harmonious Beauty Of Chico Shigeta 

June 3rd 2016

The first time we met this tiny woman with her reedy voice, we wondered how she had so much strength and energy to be the most in-demand masseuse in the world! Chico Shigeta’s loyal clients include Sofia Coppola, Isabelle Adjani, politicians and business managers she can’t name.

Born in Japan, Chico Shigeta became interested in this expertise from her grandmother and mother, both beauty institute managers. Chico, however, went even further. Today working out of Paris, she is also a naturopath, author of books on detoxification (the latest of which is entitled Mes cures de jus et smoothies). The Japanese woman has also launched her own range of beauty treatments and recently created the Aroma Blend massage ritual for Decléor. FAB met with the businesswoman, who most certainly has not had her last word.

Beauty: The Expression Of Profound Harmony

By observing her mother and grandmother working in their beauty institute at the age of 5, Chico Shigeta understood what beauty meant. “One day, I realized that it wasn’t just aesthetics, but it was the confidence you have in yourself and your freedom that makes you attractive. Beauty is not found only on the surface of the skin. My approach goes deeper,” she told us. This realization influenced her to start studying aromatherapy and naturopathy, which she applies to all her products.

Aroma Blend: The ritual By Chico Shigeta For Decléor
Photo credits: Decléor

In a world where the race to lose weight is part of the diktat of western societies, Chico Shigeta believes that this has no meaning if our lifestyle is not healthy and harmonious. “Not everyone can be thin, and many voluptuous bodies are beautiful. It’s a question of balance and proportion. Massages help to reach this balance,” she stated.

Besides treatments and massages, we can reach this harmonious beauty by applying 4 pillars: staying slim and toned, sleeping, having energy and receiving love. “I want everyone to be happy, healthy and radiant because it’s highly satisfying to live this way to the maximum. This is why I chose this job and created my own method.”

Aroma Blend: The ritual By Chico Shigeta For Decléor

 As a devoted admirer of Solange Dessimoulie, the founder of the French brand Decléor, Chico Shigeta didn’t hesitate a second when she was given the opportunity to develop Aroma Blend: massage rituals associated with essential oils aiming at transforming the silhouette.

Aroma Blend: The ritual By Chico Shigeta For Decléor
Photo credits: Decléor

“The Decléor brand was created 42 years ago and it was already ahead of its time. Solange Dessimoulie is a rare, intense person who has been there from the beginning. We share the same convictions about healthy bodies, the quality of skin and overall beauty, and I’m very proud to work with this brand,” she told us.

For months, in a laboratory, the Japanese masseuse perfected four customized rituals: firmness, slimness, light legs and flat belly. Adapted to any skin type, these treatments have been invented by Chico Shigeta in association with aromatherapy, which has been an integral part of Decléor for 40 years.

26 Essential Oils For A Fusion Of Body And Mind

In total, 26 essential oils have been created to meet both physical and emotional needs. This is what’s new about Aroma Blend: acting simultaneously upon both body and mind for the best results.

Aroma Blend: The ritual By Chico Shigeta For Decléor
Photo credits: Decléor

Thus, for slimming, Chico Shigeta combines grapefruit, patchouli and marjoram oils, which have draining and decongestant effects, with active muscle-relaxing oils such as lavender. For firmness, she uses rockrose and geranium oil combined with sage, which improves circulation. For a flat belly, she uses lavender, fennel and sweet orange, which have soothing effects on digestion, and are combined with peppermint, which has anti-pain virtues, and grapefruit for its draining action.

Indeed, with every massage, oil cream and serum that are 100% natural, paraben-free, preservative-free and free of mineral oil are applied and penetrate into the skin to fuse the body and mind.

With a blend of a vigorous Japanese massage, draining movements and sophrology, Chico Shigeta has trained managers of Decléor spas by teaching them about the importance of breathing to relax the body, and in working on aligning the body.

With Aroma Blend, no body part is left out, but some get special treatment. “I particularly spend time on the knees, hips and ankles. It’s very important to keep these body parts flexible, and I also suggest stretching out the entire body before going to sleep. This is a Japanese tradition – a tonic, deep and soft massage.”

There you have it – with summer coming, no pressure! Be beautiful and thin, sure, but above all, be harmonious. This is what will make all the difference.