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Cuban Hairstyles And Beauty

August 19th 2016

With its cobbled streets, its pastel walls and colonial architecture, Havana has always captured people’s imagination around the globe. The music and cultural diversity of the Cuban capital make its charm, but the local beauty also comes from its hairstyles. Natural styles are often preferred, but Cuban women like to take care of their hair and often go to the hairdresser’s for a blow-dry, a fashionable haircut or a more sophisticated hairstyle. FAB travelled to this historic city to discover the Belleza Riquitina salon.

At Belleza Riquitina, the atmosphere reflects the city: joyful, warm and lively. The Cuban hair salons are known for their musical ambience and friendly atmosphere. On the walls there are posters of Marilyn Monroe and mirrors surrounded by small light bulbs. We are far from the ultra-modern designer salons of Paris and New-York, but the atmosphere is feminine and hairstyle takes center stage.

Today’s creation is a blow-dry hairstyle used by Cubans in preparation for going out or for an event.


The hairstyle in 5 steps:

-After having backcombed the hair on the top of the head to increase volume, we slightly twist it and attach it to the back of the head with an elastic band or hair-clip.

-The hairdresser then makes a braid which he attaches around the head, all the way round to the other side.

-To finish this hairstyle, the lower part of the hair is pulled through a hair band, as if for a pony tail, but stopped half-way through, to leave the hair in a voluminous mini-bun.

-The hair sticking out of the hair band is twisted around it to hide it.

Very quickly, the result is there. An easy and classy hairstyle in a few minutes!