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Unrestricted Color: Justin Isaac Sets the Tone

January 31st 2017

A rebellious youth in the streets of Los Angeles, influenced by skateboarding, graffiti and travelling, Redken colorist Justin Isaac is the bad boy of hairdressing. FAB met the man who’s been nicknamed the Color Ninja, who has created muse Chloe Nørgaard’s multicolored streaks.

From The Street To The Salon

Growing up with a hippie mother and a blind grandmother, Justin discovered as a child the power of style changes and the importance of having a cool look in his environment. He went from long to shaved hair, and often overused the lightening spray Sun-In. Often punished by his mother, he even stole bottles of L’Oréal hair color in stores to redo his hair. He would skip class and abandon school. His first influences were the neighborhood gangsters, who defined their identity and status by their looks. He hung out with them on the streets at night and followed their graffiti rituals.

“Being individual and unique was important to me as a kid even while trying to fit in with all the other kids,” explains the colorist today, who was also influenced by a Californian lifestyle of beaches, surfing and skateboarding. Music, starting with “Saturday Night Fever” then rock and hip-hop, strongly inspires him.

Colorist Justin Isaac
Photo credits: Justin Isaac

Artist & Influencer

From one experience to another in salons over the years, today Justin is one of the most influential colorists in the industry. He’s been sharing his signature looks, from the seapunk rainbow to the super feminine balayage, with Redken colorists all over the world since 2008. Stars, fashion photographers, shows… his career started early and took off almost immediately. At the heart of his success is his pure creativity, and a desire to bring pleasure and happiness to the world around him.

“Color is emotion and one cannot live life without emotions,” he says. “It’s a way of expression – each color needs to be personalized. I’ve learned that color was my mission to make people happy and to be generous.”

Colorist Justin Isaac for Redken
Photo credits: Redken

Chloe Nørgaard, The Rainbow Siren

With her hair tinted in a thousand pastel or acid shades, sporting Doc Martens and torn denims, Californian model Chloe Nørgaard is a unique style icon. Hippie, neopunk, Lolita, the young tattoo-covered prodigy also DJs and frequents clubs and festivals. Justin fell for her free spirit and spontaneous energy, and Redken picked her as a muse, in the lineage of Lea T, Soo Joo Park, Maria-Carla Boscono, Crystal Renn, Suki Waterhouse and Lizzy Jagger. She is the face of the new semi-permanent color line, City Beats, and she has a bright turquoise mane that changes every month thanks to Justin’s brushes. “I love to play with color,” Nørgaard says. “I change my haircolor whenever I want, depending on my mood, the seasons, my outfit, whatever. I’m a rainbow child!”

Colorist Justin Isaac for Redken
Photo credits: Redken

Justin loves this. With his brushes and colors, he gives life to every woman’s true beauty and purest expression.