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Josh Velazquez, The Grooming Master

April 26th 2017

Glossy beard, perfectly rolled up denims, artfully distressed leather boots and full-body tattoos: Josh Velazquez, barber and educator for Baxter of California, shares his passion for the art of grooming and for the vintage look on his Instagram account, @snipertoe. He talks to FAB about his mission.

Mentoring Young Barbers

For three years, Josh Velazquez has traveled America as a barber and educator for men’s grooming brand Baxter of California, training young professionals who face a demanding new market.

“The grooming trend is rising and the education in the field is lacking,” explains the young man, who sports the hipster style himself, with a shiny beard, a tightly shaved haircut and thick glasses.

“We travel to meet salons around the country, and we’ll soon do that in the rest of the world.”

Velazquez also teaches intensive workshops at the brand’s main academy in Los Angeles, focusing on shaves and hairstyling for men. “My clients are real estate agents, lawyers, businessmen, and successful creatives,” he continues. “It’s important for them to maintain a certain look because they meet clients and reflect a certain lifestyle. You look good, you feel good.”

Teaching Style

Velazquez’s Instagram account, at the heart of his success, offers not just hairstyles and beards but also cigars, denims, leather accessories, tattoos and other essentials of men’s style.

He also shares his favorites from the Baxter of California line, like the deodorant, the clay pomade and the lotion for hair and beard. “When clients come, it’s not just for a cut or a shave,” he says.

“I help them with fashion advice, I tell them where to find the best cigars, the best jeans and the must-have boots. Baxter isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. That’s how we keep our clients coming back.”

For the Chicago barber, formerly an accountant, this mission starts with a bond he develops with each client. “I love my connection with my clients,” he says.

“My passion is to help men on my chair and beyond.”