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Marisol: Wearing The Braid As A Jewel

April 28th 2017

Between the arrival of the beautiful, sunny days and the opening of this year’s festival period, an inescapable hairstyle returned to the front of the stage: the braid. To go even further than the boxer braids or braided crown, FAB took a look at the hair sculptures of Marisol Suarez.

More than a hairdresser, this great French artist picked up the award for the best avant-garde hairdresser in the UK back in 2000 and the “Big One” of best hairdresser in 2012. She regularly works with magazines like “Elle”, “Numero”, “Vogue” and “Wallpaper”. With the “Tresse Parisienne”, Marisol proposes an eclectic and fanciful vision of the braid. With accessories and when cleverly meshed, the braid becomes a precious jewel.

1 – Bun with hair clip

Angelique Hivert for Marisol

“This is a soft and romantic style for spring and summer. The hair clip is a beautiful statement piece and will complement any outfit, especially this hairstyle. It could be worn to a wedding or even worn by a bride! It’s very simple to do with pins and a curling iron,” says Marisol.

2 – Braided banana

Angelique Hivert for Marisol

“This braid is a fun way to show off your personal style for spring and summer. It also keeps the hair out of your face, an advantage when it’s hot! If you know how to braid, it’s simple to do. Braid it, roll it, pin it… done!”

3 – Boxer braid

Angelique Hivert for Marisol

“If you’re the classic but cool kind of girl, this is a nice one to do. Great for spring and summer. It’s fresh and young. You can wear it the next day… your hair won’t move!”

4 – Braided ponytail

Julie Vanden Breeden for Marisol

“Braided ponytails are a fun one to wear for a casual occasion (the beach, travelling, sports…). It’s strong and feminine look and can be worn anytime of the year. It’s also a great way to hide grown-out bangs and is easy to do!”

5 – The fishtail braid

Julie Vanden Breeden for Marisol

“The fishtail braid may look complicated but it’s very easy to do. If you’re bored with the regular braid, this is a good one! It’s low key and whimsical for a daytime look. This braid is a popular style during fashion weeks across the world.”

6 – The braided bun

“This hair accessory is really great for a formal occasion or for work. It’s a polished look. It’s very easy to add on because the comb inside anchors it to your own hair.”

7 – The braided clip

“This braided clip is so useful because of its versatility. It can be used as a ponytail clip, a clip for a half-down hairstyle. You can be creative! It’s a great addition to any wardrobe. It is a statement piece!” 

8 – The braided headband

Julie Vanden Breeden for Marisol

“You can wear the braided headband with a casual or fancy outfit. Roll the hair into the headband for a loose updo. Braided headbands are popular with celebrities. You can channel your inner goddess or princess with this accessory!”