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Rubi Jones: Hairstylist Punk & Haute Couture

April 19th 2017

Hairstylist Rubi Jones creates braids, afros, shags, graphic bobs and a myriad of other looks for photoshoots and fashion shows, exploring beauty in its rawest form. From the Mexican communities of California to the bohemians of Williamsburg, here she reveals her journey.

An Inspired Childhood

As a child in California, Rubi Jones became fascinated by Mexican Chola female gangsters and their iconic looks. With their liner-traced eyebrows, gold jewelry and piercings, and gel-lacquered hair, the criminals were both stylish and ferocious. Rubi also listened to a wide variety of bands, from the Spice Girls to Shakira, from punk to Ska, and developed an interest in fashion. She looked at “Vogue”, Fashion TV, “Teen Vogue”, “Nylon” and “W”, particularly inspired by painterly, dreamy photographs. Through those images she discovered the great names of haute-couture hairstyling: Odile Gilbert, Julien d’ys, Eugene Souleiman, Orlando Pita. She chose the same path. “I was particularly obsessed by the haute couture shows of John Galliano, and Julien d’ys’ hair was very dramatic, overblown,” she remembers.

barbienox hair by rubi_jones
Photo credits: @barbienox hair by @rubi_jones

Backstage Diaries

Today, Jones, who is 29 and began her career at Bumble and Bumble, has worked for many of her icons, including Guido Palau, Odile Gilbert and Sam McKnight. During a three-year sojourn in Paris, she was hired by the most prestigious brands for fashion shows and couture, including Dior, Miu Miu, Chloé and Valentino. Back in New York, she sees clients at a small Williamsburg salon, and continues to work on creative projects, creating poetic, feminine, subtly provocative images. Her book, “The Art Of Hair: The Ultimate DIY Guide To Braids, Buns, Curls And More”, is a bestseller at trendy boutiques. On her Instagram account, followed by over 10,000 users, she shares her stories every day, expressing an earnest, natural take on beauty. “The essence of beauty is authenticity,” she says. ”It has nothing to do with a natural or dramatic look. It’s a way of being, and that’s what I think is beautiful.”

Rubi Jones, braided hairstyles
Photo credits: @rubi_jones