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Alopecia: ‘Wigz Across America’ To The Rescue Of Hair Loss

May 3rd 2017

Alopecia – or hair loss – which may have a medical, physical or psychological cause, affects millions of men and women of all ages. In order to alleviate the loss of self confidence that alopecia can provoke and provide radical solutions, the Wigz across America charity is kicking off its second season with hairdressers Anthony Cuts, Jaz Jackson and Shalom Blac  as guest stars. FAB looks back at its origins. Hairdressers and beauty professionals, it’s time to get to involved with this generous and amazing program!

Shalom Blac

An Association Born Out Of Personal Experience

Jaylin Water was a stylish child and already a follower of fashion when she started losing her hair in an alarming manner. Jaylin no longer recognised herself and she was losing her self-confidence. Seeing her tears, Jaylin’s mother, Jonetta Smith, decided to support her and come to the aide of all woman and girls who lose their hair due to a medical problem, chemotherapy treatment or psychological distress.

Wigz Across America

In 2015, mother and daughter together founded the Wigz Across America charity and the Mo Chic Beauty company, which manufactures wigs and hairpieces, and also offers support groups for people suffering from alopecia with workshops aimed at boosting their self-confidence. “We just wanted to give back, brighten someone’s day, and build up their self-esteem again,” says Jonetta. Their motto? “Our motto is to royally dress women from head to toe starting with the crown” – including the hairstyle.

Jaylin and Jonetta offer quality wigs that are customised according to each wearer’s choice of texture, length and color. They want their wigs to be particularly accessible to all and so adjust prices according to income, or else they raise funds in order to be able to provide wigs to those who do not have the means.

Wigz Across America – Photo credits: Davion Photography

To Train Hairdressers In The Art Of The Wig

The demand is extremely high for more stylists to get involved and be able to offer services to clients who suffer hair loss,” explains Jonetta. Mother and daughter had the idea to launch a 2016 tour of awareness and training across America. They then managed to attract to their adventure the beauty blogger Peakmill  and the hairdresser Tokyo Stylez, an expert in wigs who has worked with Kylie Jenner, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna, among  others. Jaylin and Jonetta also work in conjunction with schools, hospitals and churches in order to get in contact with young women suffering from alopecia who can take part in these training sessions.

Wigz Across America

The tour was a huge success and is being repeated this year. Seven dates have been scheduled from Los Angeles to New York. This time the tour was sponsored by bloggers Jaz Jackson and Shalom Blac, who shares her experience of being seriously burned and the way she learned to accept it thanks to make-up. Anthony Cuts has joined this team and hairdressers who sign up can also benefit from his knowledge. Throughout the day, 15 to 20 hairdressers learn how to make a wig based on a lace cap and how to cut and dye it. Anthony insists on the need to take care of one’s wig or extensions. “You have to co-wash your extensions just as you would your natural hair. I tell women all the time to treat your extensions or wigs just as you would your own hair,” he says.

Wigz Across America

Retune Your Image

At the same time, sick young women are caring for their appearance, trying to reconcile themselves to their image, to glean some beauty inspiration and to regain some sense of well-being despite their difficulties. Anthony Cuts uses the opportunity to talk about some of his secrets for a successful bob and sublime curls. Jaz Jackson teaches how to enhance one’s complexion and redraw one’s eyebrows, which are often sparse in cases of alopecia. “One young lady described the feeling of having a new wig as a joyous occasion. She felt beautiful and empowered. A sudden feeling of relief, and glad to see there’s other people just like them,” says Jonetta.

Thanks to this tour, Wigz Across America has already been able to forge partnerships with around a hundred hairdressers who can offer to manufacture and fit wigs for sick young people. Hairdressers, now it’s your turn to get involved.