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Claudia Cardinale’s secrets about her hairstylist

May 16th 2017

Claudia Cardinale and her hair blowing in the wind on a roof in Rome, is in the spotlight in the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Claudia Cardinale 70eme edition

The actress of “Once Upon a Time in the West” told FAB the relationship she had with her hairstyles and hairdresser, Jacques Moisant. Here is their story.

Jacques Moisant, by Claudia Cardinale

I met Jacques Moisant in Rome, where I was filming Escape to Athena  {Georges Costamos, 1979}. He was a hairstylist on the set and we never left each other after that. He accompanied me on lots of trips to festivals and premiers. We quickly became friends.

At the time, I had very long hair so the choice of hairstyles was huge, and I also wore a lot of wigs for movies. One day, I was playing a Russian, so I had to wear a blonde wig, and for the next film I was a brunette again. I chose everything along with Jacques: wigs, colors and hairstyles.

Jacques was a wonderful man and hairstylist, and thanks to him, I felt good. In fact, I felt so good with him that I would come from Rome to Paris to have my hair styled by him in person. Later on, when I moved to Paris, I continued to have my hair done in a salon on Rue de Seine. Everyone would go there, and I met people from all over, such as Jeanne Birkin, and Jacques Lang’s wife, for example.

I’m someone who likes changing hairstyles a lot. One day, Jacques put my hair in a bun, and the next day he would give me loose curls. We would talk, he would work, and I would feel good.

I never go out without makeup, and for all these years, I have applied what Luschino Visconti told me: “emphasize your eyes”. On these shoots, I had my makeup done in a way I still apply to this day: never use foundation, but use blush, since I have very sensitive skin. I makeup my eyes, but never my mouth! No lipstick, just a little lip liner.

Photo credits ©Claudia Cardinale

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