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Why Are Men’s Cosmetics Different To Those For Women?

May 22nd 2017

Baxter of California, L’Oréal Men Expert, Biotherm Homme: the cosmetics market for men is growing fast. But is it just a marketing gimmick or are there real physiological reasons behind this trend for different products for men and women? FAB talked to the experts to get a closer look.

Baxter of California Men Skincare
Photo Credit : Lars Zahner Photography

Men’s Skin: Richer In Collagen

Dr Claudia Aguirre, Dermatologist and a member of the International Dermal Institute, explains:

“Everybody deals with issues like aging, pigmentation, sensitivity and acne. Whether you’re a man or a woman, your skin health is shaped by your genes and your lifestyle choices.” 

So does that mean we all need the same skincare products? Not exactly.

Baxter of California Men Skincare
Photo Credit : L’Oréal Men

“The biggest difference between male and female skin is due to sex hormones known collectively as androgens. Androgens, including testosterone, yield a denser network of collagen fibers than those found in female skin.”

As a result, men’s skin is around 25 per cent thicker than women’s. That doesn’t mean that men’s skin is less fragile however, but it does act differently.

More Sensitive To Impurities & UV Rays

For Doctor Brian Zelickson, founder of the MD Complete dermatological skincare range, men’s skin is a victim to several specific problems and issues. As this specialist told Harper’s Bazaar,Men’s skin is thicker, with larger hair follicles and more sebum production.” These factors can all turn into a spot at the slightest irritation.

And regular use of a razor doesn’t help things either: “These structural differences also make men more acne-prone, so they don’t need as heavy cream-based products.”

Baxter of California Men Skincare
Photo Credits : L’Oréal Men

 “Men’s skin doesn’t heal wounds as quickly as women’s,” Claudia Aguirre told FAB.

“Despite their thicker skins, men are even more directly concerned with sun damage: they have a greater incidence of skin cancer than women. And once again, you can blame it on the testosterone.” Claudia Aguirre

But what’s the answer to our question about if men need specific skincare products? Our two experts answer the same thing: yes, absolutely. In their experience, men’s skin requires treatments that penetrate more, that are more concentrated in healing active ingredients and that offer greater sun protection.

The Importance Of A Good Skincare Routine For Men

Lots of brands have already spotted the potential of this new market and the focus is on bringing together beauty and simplicity. Baxter of California, for example, now provides tutorials and routines to help men get the most out of their all-in-one products. According to the brand’s experts, the use of a cleaning treatment, a toner and a moisturizer every day helps to regulate sebum production without drying out the skin. So guys, happy, healthy skin doesn’t require much effort after all!

Baxter of California Men Skincare
Lewis Hamilon – Photo credit : L’Oréal Men

Claudia Aguirre reminded us however that each age and skin type has its own specific needs:

Every man’s skin is as unique as his fingerprint.” Claudia Aguirre

What’s more, skin evolves over time: “For men, puberty comes with an oily skin. But as they grow older, their testosterone levels steadily decline and this may be accountable for skin slackening.” Her advice? Pay a visit to a dermatologist who can map your skin and recommend the most appropriate skincare choices.

Baxter of California Men Skincare, Lewis Hamilon
Lewis Hamilon – Photo Credit : L’Oréal Men

Riding the wave of men’s skincare trends, treatments for men’s skin also solve real physiological needs. Proof that when trend and innovation meet, it’s men’s skin everywhere that comes out a winner.