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Why Should Hairdressers Take Part In Hair Fashion Night?

June 14th 2017

On June 15, the 4th edition of Hair Fashion Night in France will allow up to 45,000 women to try out a trendy hair look for free in nearly 3,000 salons. Thirty other countries are also taking part. Much to the delight of these women, the wide-scale initiative is meant to showcase a dynamic and creative craft. Parisian hairdresser Denis Do Amaral has been a part of Hair Fashion Night since its first year. He explains to FAB why other hairdressers should seriously consider participating to this great celebration of the profession.


Hair Fashion Night Paris
Photo credit: L’Oréal Professionnel

You’ve been participating in Hair Fashion Night since its first year. What made you want to start?

Denis Do Amaral: The idea of showcasing hair professionals sounded like a wonderful idea. We don’t really communicate that much about our job. It’s important to advertise that hairstyling is much more than just cutting hair! It’s a great time to let our creativity run free. And working in a neutral space is a new and interesting challenge. We are outside of our comfort zone, which feels nice. As for the clients, discovering hairstyling outside of a salon – in France, the Townhall of Paris also held the biggest hair salon in France during this special night, makes for a sort of “backstage” atmosphere, which they really enjoy.

At Paris’s City Hall, 120 hairdressers will come together to craft hair looks for 1,200 women, with a DJ playing in the background. Is this something like a show?

D. A.: This sort of “nightclub” atmosphere is really exciting. My employees love it. It motivates them and makes the youngest among them feel more at ease. In our salons, we charge for the service, but here, it’s free, so they can let loose more easily.

Hair Fashion Night Paris
Photo credit: Alexis Raimbault for L’Oréal Professionnel

Is the work you do during Hair Fashion Night different from the work you do in your salon?

D. A.: Yes! We go a little crazier. Sometimes, women ask for specific hairstyles, but usually, they give us carte blanche. Still, it’s not a free-for-all: we do take into account the client’s style, look and what their hair is like. We still need to remain elegant – Hair Fashion Night is elegant.



And you have to complete a full hair look in record time!

D. A.: Yes, since we have 15 or even 20 minutes to work on dry hair.

Hair Fashion Night ParisPhoto credit: Alexis Raimbault for L’Oréal Professionnel

Do your regular clients come and see you at Hair Fashion Night?

D. A.: Yes, they do. Some clients tell me they sign up as participants just to come and see me that night. Some are even very loyal, and I’ve been seeing them at Hair Fashion Night for the past four years.

Have you ever done someone’s hair at Hair Fashion Night, and then they’ve come in as a regular client to your salon?

D. A.: Indeed, they have. I’ve met some of my regulars at Hair Fashion Night. There are even some who do their own research and find my salon on their own.

As for trends, isn’t this a good time to see what others are doing as well, and what’s in vogue at the moment?

D. A.: At the salon, we keep an eye on Fashion TV all day long and take inspiration from looks to create our hairstyles. We don’t want to just do an ordinary bun. Hair Fashion Night is something like Fashion Week for one night only. I also see what others are doing to get inspiration. The night is a giant hotbed of trends from classic to modern and even rock’n’roll looks.

Hair Fashion Night Paris
Photo credit: Alexis Raimbault for L’Oréal Professionnel

What has changed with Hair Fashion Night over the years?

D. A.: Its notoriety! Today, everyone wants to take part. In Portugal last year, some hairdresser friends told me that they’d love to do it in Paris, which is something of a Holy Grail to them.

Any advice for all these salons?

D. A.: Join us and participate! And it would be great to create a YouTube channel to broadcast the Hair Fashion Night live in several countries. We could all create and get inspiration from each other.