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Colorful Hair: The Secrets To Tasty Peach Hair

July 19th 2017

Fans of vibrant, fruity hair colors, this one is for you: peach is one of this summer’s star hair trends, along with shades like rose gold. This hair color is a striking blend of venetian blonde with orange tones that give a stunning, pop-color effect. FAB met up with Jenny Pelter, technical director of the artistic team at the Westrow salon in Leeds, England, to talk about this bright, joyful color that has already won over the likes of Lily Allen, Poppy Delevingne and Ashley Olsen.

FAB: What’s the difference between peach and rose gold hair?

Jenny Pelter: Peach hair is the new “rose gold” for SS17, mixing in the cool tones of rose gold with a warmer palette of peach and orange hues. You can also work in brighter neon peach hues for a pop effect.

FAB: Who is the peach hair color suitable for?

J.P.: The shade is perfect for clients with the sort of warm, tanned skin tones you get after a few sunny, summer days. Peach is even better suited for those with lighter hair, above all for people who are happy with the time-consuming upkeep.


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FAB: How can you get peach hair?

J.P.: First, you pre-lighten the hair either all over or on certain parts using balayage techniques. You need to lift the hair to a light yellow base for the toner to sit correctly. After this, you tone the hair with a beautiful, blush of peach. The perfect toners in my opinion come from L’Oréal Professionnel Colorfulhair range, for example Sunset coral, sometimes mixed with Pink sorbet.

FAB: In your opinion, what’s the hardest part of getting the peach hair color?

J.P.: With peach hues, the toughest part is lifting the hair to a yellow undercoat, which means peach may not be accessible to clients with darker hair. That’s why it’s so important to be completely honest with your client during their consultation. Either way, patience is key. You may not achieve the perfect undercoat in the first visit to the salon. Several sittings might be needed to avoid damaging the hair.

FAB: What’s your advice for keeping hair protected during the coloring process?

J.P.: I would advise using L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond line. It allows you to protect the integrity of the hair follicle, so the peach toner will last longer.

FAB: Once you’ve achieved a peach color, what do you need to do to look after it?

J.P.: Looking after these shades is essential. You have to have the patience to do what’s necessary. Above all, wash your hair less, with cooler water and use hair products that include a UV protective screen. If possible, you should come back to the salon to have toners in between appointments because it keeps the color from completely fading.