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Career: The 10 Best Talent Agencies For Beauty Professionals

August 31st 2017

After starting their careers in a salon, many beauty professionals decide to go solo. That’s when talent agencies become an essential step in negotiating prestigious collaborations and contracts with the biggest names in fashion. After its report on hairstyling agents, FAB has drawn up its list of the most important beauty agencies, from The Wall Group to Paris’s Calliste Agency.

Located in: New York, London and Paris

Who it’s for: Hairstylists

Earning a place in the agency that has managed Patrick Demarchelier’s career from the start is a career goal in its own right, but there are a lot more candidates than places at this prestigious company: so far, only one stylist has managed to get in.

The agency’s star talent: Bruno Weppe. Ever since he started working on Jean-Paul Gauthier’s catwalks in 1985, Bruno has collaborated with some of the fashion world’s biggest legends, from Helmut Newton to Jean-Paul Goude, as well as L’Oréal supermodels like Claudia Schiffer.

Their special touch: The agency’s experienced professionals are recruited for long-term contracts with prestigious clients like Guerlain and Condé Nast.

Located in: Paris

Who it’s for: Stylists and colorists

Talent agencies dedicated exclusively to beauty are rare, and French firm Calliste Agency is one of the very best. Based in Paris, the agency manages over 20 talents specialized in hairstyling. These professionals collaborate regularly with the fashion world’s biggest magazines as well as some of the most important luxury and ready-to-wear brands, for example Yves Saint Laurent, Elie Saab and Zadig & Voltaire.

The agency’s star talent: Ryoji Imaizumi. A heart-shaped hairstyle and an Instagram post were all it took to catapult Ryoji to stardom, and ever since we’ve been trying to keep up with her unique, eccentric looks on the covers of magazines like Vogue US.

Their special touch: The agency’s professionals get to show off their skills to the world thanks to By Calliste, a website overflowing with hairstyling tutorials.

Located in: London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris

Who it’s for: Hairstylists, make-up artists and nail artists

Bringing together promising new talents and experienced pros, Carol Hayes Management makes the most of being located in four of the world’s fashion capitals. London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. There’s no fashion event too big for this agency that specializes in Hollywood film premieres.

The agency’s star talent: Jon Chapman. This event styling professional was behind Elizabeth Olsen’s looks at the most recent Cannes Film Festival as well as Ana de Armas’s during her press tour for the upcoming “Blade Runner 2049”.

Their special touch: By collaborating with big-name celebrities, the agency’s professionals can very quickly make a name for themselves.

Located in: Los Angeles and New York

Who it’s for: Stylists, make-up artists, nail artists and barbers

Founded in 1985 by Angelika Schubert, this agency has built a solid reputation for itself by offering clients ultra-personalized services. By recruiting artists with unique visions and talents, the agency is always able to offer tailor-made services.

The agency’s star talent: Damian Monzillo. We’ve already seen the work of this stylist, who originally trained in the visual arts, on the covers of Vogue Mexico, Elle France and You Magazine.

Their special touch: The more unique the professional’s creative signature is, the better chance they have of being recruited by the agency.

Located in: Los Angeles

Who it’s for: Stylists, make-up artists, nail artists and barbers

Created 30 years ago in Los Angeles, Cloutier Remix manages the careers of a small group of talented professionals. From the Met Gala to ad campaigns for L’Oréal Paris, the variety of the contracts available to the agency’s stylists is only equalled by the agency’s professionalism.

The agency’s star talent: Enzo Angileri. With a list of clients including Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Lucy Liu, Enzo’s address book is one of the best in Hollywood.

Their special touch: The agency’s talents are able to show off their skills in workshops organized for professionals from the rest of the industry.

Located in: New York and London

Who it’s for: Colorists

Proof that beauty professionals have earned their place in the art world, the Lalaland Artists agency recently signed up colorist Aura Friedman. She’s the first beauty professional to sign with the company that specializes in photography, stage design and fashion design.

The agency’s star talent: Aura Friedman. Considered one of the most innovative colorists anywhere in the world, she most recently created Soo Joo Park’s now mythical platinum blonde look.

Their special touch: Lalaland Artists is more than just a talent agency: it’s a content production business too. Their talents are therefore directly involved in the agency’s very own ad campaigns.

Located in: London and New York

Who it’s for: Hairstylists, colorists and nail artists

Opened in London in 1988, the Streeters agency is a vibrant creative hub where stylists, colorists, artistic directors, photographers, choreographers and costume designers get to work together on a daily basis. It’s an inspirational place to work,  one that helps each professional develop their own personal style.

The agency’s star talent: Joey George. On top of his work for “Vogue” Taïwan, “Vogue” Ukraine and “Vogue” Mexico, his most memorable creations were from his recent collaboration with Beth Ditto and his work with the New York City Ballet.

Their special touch: The agency’s beauty professionals are involved in projects where they get to work with artists from a huge range of different specialities.

Located in: Los Angeles and New York

Who it’s for: Hairstylists, barbers, colorists and nail artists

Whether it’s for an article, an ad campaign or a fashion event, there’s no part of professional styling that Starworks Artists can’t take care of. What’s more, the agency encourages each of its talented professionals to develop their individual style in the collaborations they sign with prestigious brands like Dior, Nike and Neutrogena.

The agency’s star talent: Justin Anderson. Thanks to his collaborations with the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, this colorist has created some of the industry’s most famous blonde styles, for example Miley Cyrus’s, Jennifer Aniston’s and, most recently, Katy Perry’s striking platinum blonde.

Located in: Los Angeles

Who it’s for: Hairstylists, barbers, colorists and nail artists

In 2015, Rihanna launched Fr8me, soon after renamed Vision Nation Artists, a talent agency dedicated to beauty and styling. So far, only four hairstylists have been signed but thanks to the agency’s founder’s mega-star power, they’re already thriving.

The agency’s star talent: Marcia Hamilton. You could name half of Hollywood when talking about her clients, starting with the Smith family: Jada Pinkett, Willow and Jaden.

Their special touch: The opportunity to collaborate on Rihanna’s personal projects.

Located in: New York, Los Angeles and London

Who it’s for: Hairstylists, barbers, colorists and nail artists

One of the industry’s leaders, The Wall Group has a client list far too long to put here: Calvin Klein, H&M, Givenchy, Miu Miu and Prada are just a few examples that barely scratch the surface of this agency’s mega power. Internally, The Wall Group works with over 60 stylists.

The agency’s star talent: Jen Atkin. Well experienced in prestigious collaborations, the hairstylist was the one behind the platinum blonde, pixie cut that Cara Delevingne showed off on the red carpet celebrating Dior’s 70th anniversary in July 2017.

Their special touch: New talents are trained via a development program before they enter the main pool and are sent out to work.