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Six Hot Color Trends For Fall With Beth Minardi

August 29th 2017

New Yorker color guru Beth Minardi – celebrity and editorial darling (Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks) known as the salon scientist – shares the best trends for fall, from rich reds to luminous blondes.

1– Shimmery Blondes

This fall the blonde tones are stronger – we’re seeing no apologies haircolor, but not as many extreme hues such as the white of the past season. Now it’s more about butterscotch and a lot of contrast throughout. We’re going for earthy blondes but still very bright and light, especially around the face, with shades of champagne, beige and ivory for a bright glow.

2 – Sweet Chocolate

Women are asking for chocolatey walnut tones with maybe some caramel scattered throughout. Again, nothing flat – the depth and luminosity of the color is key.

3 – Copper Tones

Redheads are always lovely, but for the fall we’re seeing less cherry hues and deeper copper tones, with the tonalities of fall leaves. The color is very bright – once more, no apologies. For example, a couple of months ago Nicole Kidman had a very lovely strawberry peach orange blonde, very sophisticated and shiny. For paler skin women with green eyes, that color could be a hit, because for these complexions blonde may wash them out. This golden-red blonde is very bright and shiny, and best for people with warmer undertones.     

 4 – Color Me Crazy

The crazy colors aren’t going away – but people are getting tired of this trend. For people in college it’s still fun, not so much for adults and professionals. There are two kinds of color: the color that makes people look better and the color that gets a lot of attention. If you talk to very upscale salons you get very few clients requesting blue, green or pink, but in more trendy places they do. It’s important to note that these colors are difficult to achieve and heavily damage the hair.

5 – Short Ambition

Short hair is in, more than ever! On shorter hair we just highlight the mid-length and tips, not the roots. It’s an interpretation of ombré. It can be piecy or wavy and the color can be the statement: rich chocolate brown, bright blonde or beautiful red. Now people are focusing more on color that is stronger, they are flaunting salon-created color.

6 – Celebrate You!

For women with curly, frizzy or coarse hair, anything can be done as long as the color respects the texture and understands the chemical history of the hair. Women of color are wearing blondes, cherry, rich brunette tones more than ever. We have to be careful when lightening dark, frizzy hair, however, because it’s more fragile. For Asian hair you need to lift it and then tone it, and a lot of women want to color it, too; but it might require a more thorough make-up routine. Brighter hair needs brighter lips for women with deeper skin. But at the end of the day the important point is that a woman should express herself. Now individuality is the key more than ever!