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Launching a Succesful Hair Salon: Our Complete Guide

September 14th 2017

Opening a salon business is a great adventure, from the design of the salon to the recruitment of your first hair talent. This guide aims to give you the right checklists before launching your new adventure.

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  1. Business of salons: where to start?
  2. Find a concept for your salon
  3. How to manage a hair salon: business tips
  4. Hair salon equipment: trending innovations


Launching a salon: first steps


  • Mixed Salon, Same Fee: How Is This Possible?
    More and more salons offering equal prices for men and women are starting to establish themselves, setting their prices according to hair length rather than gender. What if the march toward equality of the sexes were playing out in your salon too?
  • Business: Should You Bill By The Hour?
    Some hairdressers have decided to set their prices in line with the time spent with the client. Taking this step goes hand in hand with a certain philosophy of service…

The marketing of a salon


Find a concept for your salon


  • 13 Tips To Decorate Your Hair Salon
    Read tips from Olivier Lebrun, a hairstylist who has opened his first hairdressing and care salon in Paris, and for whom every single detail matters when it comes to designing his salon.
  • Salons as Boudoirs
    Being intimate places, salon-apartments offer a whole new hairstyling experience. Meet with Sarah Guetta, David Lucas, Rossano Ferretti and other famous hair professionals who have chosen to offer a calm, warm intimate atmosphere, for their customer-guests to feel like in a cocoon.
  • Kiev’s Favorite Salon: Maksym Kulivov Beauty Studio
    Functionality and comfort in the same space, this idea dictated the interior of Maksym Kulivov’s salon. There, the stylists have enough space to work comfortably, and in turn, clients can have their own space.
  • New Wave: Canada’s Local Hairdressing Scene
    Discover Panache Salon in Montreal, a cool and modern space revamped into a clever industrial style salon with wide-plank blonde oak flooring.
  • Zen: Minimalist Japanese Salons
    Japan is the birthplace of zen. Architects, designers and creators are creating urban environments designed to revive tranquility and wellbeing. Discover three Japanese hair salons mastering the art of zen.


Salon: treatment offers

  • “Not Another Salon”: The Art Of Color
    Meet Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon in London. She shares her experience of innovating by offering a true coloring experience in her Brick Lane specialised hair salon.
  • The Secrets Behind The Success Of Richard Ward’s Super Salon
    In the heart of Chelsea, London, Richard Ward’s salon is always full. As hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge and many other British celebrities, he has made his Super Salon an empire of hair and beauty that still pays close attention to every single client.
  • Boom or bust : behind the express haircut salon trend
    A trend coming from from Asia: explore the concept of “hair bars” which have become a niche market, popping up everywhere in the world.
  • “Chokmah”: Barber and Culture in NYC
    Meet Gaia Earthpeace and Judith Essien, founders of Chokmah in Brooklyn, NYC. They treat their clients with shaves, trims, fades, colors, styles and treatments in an atmosphere of generosity and harmony.


Salons beyond haircuts: original concepts

  • Where Grooming Meets Wine-tasting
    In the heart of Barcelona’s historic quarter, Italian barber Andrea Varini practices his art in salon One 0 Nine. It’s a salon with a difference, where the art of immaculate haircuts teams up with the pleasures of a locally sourced glass of wine.
  • The hair salon that turns into a yoga studio
    A multi-faceted, innovative business model: On the region of Auckland, New Zealand, sits Biba, a chic, ingenious, hybrid of a place that offers all the luxury of a professional hair salon while doubling as a yoga studio and reception area.
  • Brasil – Circus Hair: Hairstyling Takes Centre Stage In São Paulo
    Circus Hair is a hair salon and a place of entertainment all in one, located in São Paulo. The project is the brainchild of Rodrigo Lima, who even has an Edward Scissorhands tattoo on his forearm!
  • Art And Beauty In The Rikyu Salon
    In the heart of Bangkok, Rikyu is a hair salon where the art of good living meets the art of hairstyling. It is an art gallery too: this concept is unique in Thailand and was inspired by a Japanese salon.
  • The hair salon: a new place to work?
    Stay connected and work while you’re at the hairdresser: such is the new credo of busy women. Hair salons offering WiFi are springing up everywhere, and this new type of client is flocking in.


How to manage a hair salon: business tips

Creating a team spirit

  • 5 Top Tips For Launching A Salon
    Beauty or hairstyling, the business rules are the same: Divide roles and responsibilities, talk things out… read the advice of Aurélie Nguyen, co-founder of L’Habibliothèque, a clothes-sharing initiative in Paris.
  • How to create brand “ambassadors”?
    Have an insider’s look at the Redken Symposium and discover how Redken incarnates a state of mind, and its “Redken Artist” ambassadors form a tribe with very unique rituals, more than any other haircare professional brand.


Hiring and scouting the best hair talents


Professional trainings for hairstylists


Hair salon equipment: trending innovations

Connected beauty and digital innovations


Beauty apps for professionals

  • In today’s connected world, apps can be a drive-to to salons.
    The BePretty mobile app helps clients and beauty salons get in touch with each other. Thanks to its reservations management, communication and marketing tools, the app has won over professionals and clients alike.
  • Should you have a Beauty app in your Salon? The 8 Best Hair Apps
    From booking your salon appointment with just a few sweeps of the keypad to the extraordinary virtual world where customers can see exactly what they’d look like wearing thousands of styles and colors: Hair Apps could just be your best salon style assistant.
  • Beauty Only A Click Away
    In a few swipes and taps, Go-jek in Jakarta and Myglamm in Mumbai provide Indonesian and Indian beautistas with a team of beauty professionals for home hair removal, a color touch-up at the office or a manicure at the hotel at any time of day.