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Decorating Your Salon: Is A Color Block Design The Right Choice For You?

October 10th 2017

Colors attract the eye and that can be a real advantage in the competitive hairstyling world. Pulling in a new client who’s going past your salon, while also giving your space its own unique style, are just some of the priorities that guided expert hair colorist Frédéric Mennetrier when he designed the look of his Paris studio L’Atelier Blanc, as well as Stefano Terzuolo, hair designer at the GUM Salon in Milan. These professionals talked to FAB about why they chose a color block design in their salons.

Choosing Between An All-white Or Colorful Decor

Choosing flashy chairs, painting one of your salon’s walls neon orange, baby-pink or covering the whole place with charcoal grey: bold design choices like these can really help get across what’s important about your salon from the start. Frédéric Mennetrier, expert hair colorist at Paris-based salon L’Atelier Blanc (The White Atelier), is a man who spends everyday obsessed with color. He works with a large palette of blond, red and blue hair dyes – to name just the most popular ones right now – always keeping up to date with the latest trends and the passing seasons. As its name suggests, his salon is a haven of clean, pure white. The walls, furniture, decorations: everything is white and has been skillfully brought together in a bespoke design from interior designer Didier Blardat.

Atelier Blanc Paris
Atelier Blanc – Credits: Tania et Vincent

For this coloring professional, the choice of a white environment has become a powerful work tool that lets him show off his hair creations at their very best. What’s more, the uniform white surroundings also let him concentrate on getting the color his client has asked for. From an aesthetic perspective, white is the color of light you get when you mix every other color together, yet another good reason behind his design choices.

As for professional Stefano Terzuolo, he decided to use different colors to define the different spaces in his Milan-based salon, GUM: We chose pale pink for the coloring station because it helps our clients to relax. The peacock blue and khaki green in our barber space add a touch of elegance and really let us show off our skills at their very best. For the salon’s welcome area, we wanted something really striking to draw in clients, so we choose a bright, bold red.”

GUM salon milan
Gum copertina – Credit: Luca Paolassini – Od Produzioni.

The Color Of A Salon’s Walls Changes How Clients’ Hair Looks

Although the choice of decor can sometimes be left as an afterthought, in salons it can be a real strategic advantage helping stylists to perform to the best of their abilities. When you take into account that shades of color change based on light conditions, it becomes clear how much coloring a client’s hair can be affected by the color scheme in a salon’s closed-off environment. Not only can a good color scheme help show off the styles you create, playing around with matching and contrasting colors can also give your salon a personality all of its own.

Stefano is convinced that his salon’s decoration and color scheme is of utmost importance in his day-to-day life and work: “Color has more than a purely aesthetic role, it’s also really important from a technical perspective. With good lighting, the right color scheme can help us to work at our very best and get closer to the final result we want. For example, that’s one of the reasons we choose a pale pink color for our color station: it’s soft enough that it doesn’t affect our perception of the hair colorings we are working on with our clients.

GUM salon milan
GUM salon – credit: Luca Paolassini – Od Produzioni

Color Block Your Salon For A Total Experience

A new and unique experience is exactly what clients are looking for when they come to salons that have their own special identity, and that includes the interior design. According to Frédéric Mennetrier, a salon’s decoration can affect the stylist-client relationship in a big way. “Being welcomed into a gentle but stimulating space helps clients to really enjoy their time with us on top of the work they’re having done. Our clients really love the atmosphere we’ve created in our salon: they feel like they’re somewhere special, and our team feels the same way,he told FAB.


Atelier Blanc Paris
Atelier Blanc – Credit: Tania et Vincent

A color block decoration can give a salon its own unique identity and provide a memorable experience for clients from start to finish. That’s why more and more salons are trying out bold, new styles. Take a look at London-based Salon Ctrl Hair with its deep blue walls, or fellow British salon DKUK with its bright yellow furniture and decoration, for some great examples. It’s important to create an atmosphere that helps us share our knowledge and expertise,Frédéric explained to FAB. Stefano agreed with him: Choosing a color block design is all about showing off your personality. It’s like having your own calling card. When your client enters a space that has a unique color scheme, they can already get a good feel for what the atmosphere and mood is going to be like. In our salon, we’ve chosen warm colors so that our clients feel at home. And really nobody likes bland, colorless places anyway!

Stefano Terzuolo
Stefano Terzuolo – Credit: Luca Paolassini


The color scheme a salon chooses for itself says a lot about the people working inside it. From glamorous reds, cool Scandinavian blues to understated natural tones like linen and charcoal, now it’s your turn to choose the colors that will really show off your talent.