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George Papanikolas: Where Does Beauty Fit Into The Holistic Life?

October 6th 2017

A slow life and a holistic life are the new quests for many of us. The Wanderlust 108 festival, which ended recently, was an opportunity for hundreds of New Yorkers to combine race, yoga and meditation. A cutting-edge event, it even featured a Biolage R.A.W. braids bar overseen by famous hairdresser George Papanikolas, who has featured prestigious guests such as Kelly Bensimon. Here, he tells FAB how to hairdress this clientele who are tuned into in this new way of life.

george papanikolas
credit: Biolage R.A.W BDP

FAB: How does the Wanderlust festival inspire you?  

George Papanikolas: It’s such a peaceful and loving event because it focuses on inner and outer well-being!

FAB: What is holistic beauty?

G.P.: It’s beauty that is linked to your health, using ingredients and science with a wholesome, natural origin for products that give an all-around, complete, holistic approach to beauty. 

George Papanikolas
credit: Biolage R.A.W BDP

FAB: What was your style inspiration for Wanderlust?

G.P.: We created bohemian braids and updos that are not only fashionable but also functional, keeping hair away from your face so that you can focus on your workout.

FAB: How is the holistic trend changing our lifestyle, and the way we perceive beauty?  

G.P.: Active wear and hairstyles are now acceptable for your day-to-day look when running errands and being casual. Ponytails, top knots and braids are a perfect complementary look for working out and looking chic.

George Papanikolas
credit: Biolage R.A.W BDP

FAB: How do the R.A.W. products  help create looks that are on-trend? 

G.P.: People want to look totally natural but at their best. Products like the Biolage R.A.W. Stylers give your hair a perfect finish without the buildup and feel of traditional products. As more people become more health-oriented, they are not only concerned about what they put in their body but on their body and hair too, and Biolage R.A.W. caters to that market.