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“L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy pushes me creatively” , says haircolorist Sarah Black

October 19th 2017

In June, Sarah Black from the Linton & Mac Salon in Aberdeen, Scotland, won the prestigious L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy. A few months later, FAB met up with her to talk about her victory and to find out how her career has changed since her success.

FAB: You won the L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy in June. Why did you decide to participate in the first place?

Sarah Black: I love having the opportunity to create an image and develop something that isn’t necessarily “everyday”. I wanted to be a part of something that was amazing and something that I knew would push me creatively. To have the chance to showcase my work to some of the biggest names in the industry in itself is so exciting. And after making the move to a new salon at the start of 2017, it felt like it was the right time to go for it!

FAB: When we interviewed jury member Guy Kremer, he told us: “We gave the award to a mastery of technique to perfection, an avant-garde color that will exert influence over the next six months, and a personal touch.” How did being nominated and then winning feel?

S.B.: Getting called at the regional finals in Glasgow was unreal. I couldn’t believe it… I made my peace that I would go to the London Grand Final and enjoy it, but I never thought that I would win! I was by far the most shocked person in the room when our name was called in London. It was genuinely the most surreal moment of my career – an overwhelming experience that I will never forget.

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FAB: Would you say the salon benefited from the buzz created by the award?

S.B.: Yes! The salon is always extremely busy, but Aberdeen is a small city and the win created a huge buzz.

FAB: Has it brought more clientele or a different clientele to the salon?

S.B.: It’s brought attention to the fact that other colorists and I in the salon are pushing boundaries when it comes to color – creating trends and showing real innovation.

FAB: Did you anticipate the aftermath of the award ceremony?

S.B.: The winners shoot in Paris was unbelievable – and we certainly didn’t expect to place third in the world at the Grand Final in Seville! We are extremely honored to be ranked alongside some of the best in the industry. It just shows that hard work, dedication and teamwork really do make the dream work!