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Los Angeles: How Did The Striiike Salon Become So Successful In Only Three Years?

October 5th 2017

In downtown Beverly Hills, three sisters have combined their talents to create STRIIIKE, a beauty salon that specializes in hairdressing, eyebrow styling and make-up. In only three years, the sisters’ salon has become a hotspot for actresses like Elisabeth Moss and Anne Hathaway, along with other beauty-obsessed Californians. The salon’s success has made it a hit on Instagram too, with over 28,000 followers to date. The Streicher sisters talked to FAB about the secrets behind their success.

STRIIIKE has become one of Beverly Hills hottest beauty addresses. In the friendly atmosphere of this stylish salon, Jenn beautifies her clients with natural, subtle make-up, Kristie wields her feathered brow technique to reshape and redefine their eyebrows, while Ashley creates modern, easy-to-maintain haircuts. The concept here is simple, but even the smallest details have been well thought out and everything happens smoothly and in good fun.

Choose  A Team You Can Trust

The idea to create the STRIIIKE salon, and the thing that gives it its uniquely joyful atmosphere, came from the sisters’ desire to work together.We just love working together,” Kristie, the youngest, told FAB. “That said, working with family probably demands even more work and good communication than usual, it can get tense at times! You’ve got to keep personal and professional things well separated.”

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In terms of marketing and PR, once again the sisters have mostly relied on their close circle of friends. We wanted our brand to grow at our own pace. For 10 years, before we opened our salon, we decided to first improve our skills by freelance work. Back then a close friend of ours was in charge of all our marketing but, since we opened STRIIIKE, we’ve hired an agency to deal with our PR,” Ashley told FAB.

Take The Time To Find Your Place

Making sure you take enough time to find the place that’s right for you and your skills is the most important thing. In fact, Kristie recommends stylists to start their careers in small, intimate salons so that they can properly develop their skills. When you’re at ease with that amount of work, then you can start to think bigger. Growing slowly lets you avoid situations that are too stressful”.

Little by little, Kristie – the salon’s resident eyebrow queen – built up a faithful client base. At the same time, Jenn and Ashley were also doing that, all the while continuing their freelance work styling celebrities for the red carpet.

Follow In The Steps Of Other Successful Professionals

Learning to spot and develop the same skills and good habits as other successful salons has been, in Kristie’s opinion, another major element in her and her sisters’ success. I love listening to other girl-bosses and their inspiring stories, it really is the best way to learn.Of course, the Streicher sisters are now the ones other young professionals look to for inspiration. Personally, I learned a lot by observing Jen Gotch, the creator of She managed to build a brand that reflects her personality: it’s fun, honest and really smart.”

However, the young stylist insists it’s also important to forge your own path. You should never be afraid of defending what you believe in. Create your own style, your own story that really reflects your creativity and personality, and build a brand from that. It’s all of your little signature touches that will help you stand out from the crowd!”

Never Stop Innovating

Instead of setting themselves a rigid business plan, the Streicher sisters focused on listening carefully to potential clients as well as their own gut-instincts about the latest trends: STRIIIKE has really evolved since we first opened the salon. We recruited and trained our own employees. We make sure we’re always doing something innovative, which has kept press-interest high, and our clients coming back for more,” Ashley told FAB. And that won’t stop anytime soon. We’re always developing new services and we never stop working on new projects, like our Feathered Brow Studio, an extension to STRIIIKE dedicated to Kristie’s expertise,” the sisters explained.

Honestly, when we opened STRIIIKE, we basically had no business plan,” Ashley confessed to FAB. But we don’t regret it at all. We learned from our mistakes, and thanks to all our experiences, we now know all the traditional rules about running a salon, although I believe STRIIIKE wouldn’t have become what it is if we had known them from the start.”

One thing is certain, the STRIIIKE salon’s vibrant personality and daring services will make sure it continues to twinkle and light up Los Angeles for a very long to come.