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Training: 3 Tips To Help You Develop Your Skills Throughout Your Career

October 31st 2017

“This industry is all about passion and it makes you challenge yourself every single day. That’s the opinion of Sophie Bauçais, stylist-ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel and director of four salons in France, and lots of stylists would be quick to agree with her. A career in the beauty industry can be very demanding: you need to continually develop your creativity as well as your technical skills. To help you on your way, take a look at these three pieces of advice and then go ahead and get started!

Take Training Courses

From technical skills like contouring, hair-coloring and straightening to working on your sales techniques and customer service, training placements can help you expand your skillset in lots of different areas. The L’Oréal Professionnel et Moi platform, for example, provides a great way to develop your digital marketing skills and grow your social media following. As part of this particular program, beauty professionals come together for sessions lasting one or two days with renowned industry experts.

For Nadège Calderon, ID-Artists stylist and L’Oréal Professionnel coach, the passing on of skills and techniques is something that has a natural place in the world of hairstyling: Everyone who’s ever trained me has been passionate and motivated to help me progress. Now it’s my turn to uphold this tradition and take the time – and the pleasure – to pass on what I know to new stylists. This state of mind, common to all of the industry’s teachers, means it’s easy to find a training program that’s perfectly suited to what you’re looking for.

Take Part In International Shows & Competitions

Taking part in styling competitions like the L’Oréal Style & Colour Trophy is a fantastic way to develop your technical skills while also giving free rein to your creativity. Sarah Black, from the Linton & Mac Salon in Aberdeen, Scotland, took home the trophy in 2017. She talked to FAB about how the competition has helped her develop her career in exciting new ways.

I love this sort of opportunity that lets me create and refine looks which aren’t necessarily ones I could work on day to day in-salon,” she told FAB recently. I wanted to take part in the competition because it promised to be an extraordinary experience, and I knew it would help me expand my creative limits and inspirations. I also wanted to show off my work to some of the biggest names in the industry: that was a real plus for me.”

Choose The Right Mentor

In every industry, mentors are valuable resources,” Ramsey Sayah, owner of Ottawa’s Texture Hair Salon told FAB. In creative industries like hairstyling, they’re absolutely indispensable. Find a mentor who shares your passions. If you admire someone and their body of work and if, on a human level, they’re authentic and sincere with you, don’t wait around, go and get to know them right away!”

“Be very direct with your mentor, especially with regards to what you want to learn from them. Do you need technical advice? Help on managing your career? Or simply to exchange your ideas and experiences within the industry? A mentoring relationship develops over time and shouldn’t be rushed, but still it’s best to be clear from the start on what you’re looking for so that the relationship you build is one that benefits you both.”

Keeping up your training and education will help you develop technical skills that you can then put to good use by offering your clients something new and fresh. But on top of keeping up with trends and changing fashions, most of all it’s your creativity that will blossom. The opportunities to keep learning are everywhere: so go out and make the most of them!