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Why Are More & More Women Choosing Barbershops?

October 2nd 2017

As barbershops increasingly take their rightful place in the world of salon hairstyling, these traditionally male-dominated grooming parlours are starting to attract a female clientele in search of a quick haircut or a shaved-head style. Rachelle Pelecas, the boss and founder of Brisbane’s Barber Girl, talked to FAB about this exciting new trend.

Why A Barbershop For Women?

In the heart of Paddington, a peaceful, sunlit district in Brisbane, men have long competed to get an appointment at Rachelle Pelecas’ and her husband’s barbershop. But on top of the men, we began to see that, each year as the business ticked over, we were getting more and more women coming into the men’s shop, some almost begging us to help them out with a quick chop or a tidy up,” Rachelle told FAB. It’s a trend that the stylist and entrepreneur believes can be explained by the fact that, today, women as so time poor, especially when they start having children and they are trying to juggle so much”. The idea to open a barbershop dedicated to these new lifestyles seemed obvious, and so Barber Girl was born.

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A Temple Of Shaved & Short Styles For Women

When you step inside, a quick look at the rustic wooden walls and tropical plants is all it takes to plunge clients into the barbershop’s friendly, rockabilly atmosphere. In this salon, there aren’t any appointments, so you just turn up when you feel like changing your look. According to Rachelle, the salon’s concept is based on how women are increasingly living their lives: Women today are brave and want to risk new edgy styles.” In front of the salon’s large, gleaming mirrors, clients come to test out styles like track design, which consists of drawing patterns into shaved hair.

A lot of traditional hairdressers are afraid of shaving a woman’s hair off or of shaving an undercut.

But times are changing fast.

Reinventing Women’s Hairstyling

In order to be able to offer ever more daring styles to her clients, Rachelle places a lot of importance on training her stylists. All of the girls we hire at Barber Girl are qualified hairdressers to start with. We then spend a lot of time expanding their skill set and teaching them barbering techniques that they wouldn’t have learned in college. We offer fade training and track design as well as clever and innovative ways to cut down styling and hair cutting time, to provide the perfect match between more traditional women’s styling and new grooming techniques.

Winning Over All Generations

Although it’s less of a surprise that women looking for short and shaved hairstyles are flocking to barbershops like this one, Rachelle told FAB that her concept was appealing to women of lots of different types and ages. We have an enormous range of clientele. We obviously cater very well for short hair customers who need to drop in every four weeks to maintain their haircut. But on top, and perhaps more surprisingly, we’re also chosen by an older clientele who don’t color their hair but still want their cut to feel fresh, young and edgy. My oldest customer at the barbershop is 84. She visits me every six weeks and loves this outing with the girls.”

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This success among all generations is built upon the goals Rachelle set herself:

“Women shouldn’t be constricted every time they want to get their haircut, not by time or money. Being able to offer women an excellent fast cut, at an accessible price and without an appointment was always and will always be our main priority and goal.”

This luxury is one that women no longer have to be jealous of their husbands for, and one that we soon hope to see spreading all over the world!