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L’Atelier De Daphné, Paris’ First Styling Bar

July 2nd 2015

As a stylist in a hair salon, Daphné has to respond daily to all sorts of questions about her clients’ hair. As a result, she conceived a virtual space where her trade secrets could be delivered to the public and she could extend the salon experience online. Her blog, Les Mercredis de Daphné is fast becoming one of the pioneers of French hair tutorials.

That said, however, human contact is what is lacking in this endeavor and so this growing artist has decided to come back to what really matters in the trade and is launching her first hair workshop in Paris.

L’Atelier de Daphné, an intimate styling bar, can be found in a passageway, decked with flowers, in the 11th district of Paris. The traditional wooden beams, exposed stone and tiled floors and walls, create a cosy atmosphere where all the precious professional tips can be shared. Whether people go with girlfriends, with their mother or on their own with Daphné, they can savour and learn the tricks of the trade through an entirely personalized hairdressing course. It’s like being at home, but with added expertise.

Gone are the hours spent attempting to reproduce the romantic hairstyles of Instagram’s hair stylists! In the heart of this snug setting Daphné gives you a step-by-step account of how to master your mane, and discover on trend hairstyles that suit both your hair type and face shape: neo-bun, braids or even ponytails from the 1960s. Her tailored tips inspire  capillary creativity. Some final words from Daphné herself are brimming with promise: “Our hair is an accessory, let’s make the most of it!”

L’Atelier de Daphné
60 rue Saint-Sabin
75011 Paris

Photo credits ©Daphne Narcy