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Vanity Projects: The Nail Bar Gallery

July 30th 2015

In 2009, the exhibition director Rita de Alencar Pinto decided to put the art back into nail art. Tired of waiting around before her manicure, she thought of an innovative concept: placing artwork right in the heart of the salon.

A nail art gallery in the literal sense of the word

After a career beginning in 2003 in the art industry, Rita de Alencar Pinto discovered her entrepreneurial calling in 2008. The following year, she gave her sweat, blood and tears to Vanity Projects, a pop-up manicure salon that spans the hotspots of contemporary art in the United States. From Art Basel in Miami to MoMA in New York, her manicures are inspired by the most demanding works such as those of the surrealists Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, whose renowned Ceci n’est pas une pipe was reinvented as nail art. In a style reminiscent of Mara Hoffman, Rita has found her path and expresses a creativity that immediately seduces.

With star manicurist Fleury Rose by her side, she opens her own space in New York that is half gallery, half luxury manicure spot. A selection of artistic videos is projected onto the salon screens and while our nails are confided to the expert hands of the resident nail artists, we can reflect and admire the works of the digital artist Jeremy Blake or the video-maker Claire Hooper.

Artistic & couture manicure

With art, the manicure takes on a whole new level of beauty. Rita has surrounded herself with the hottest nail artists of the moment and encourages them to give free reign to their inspiration so as to guarantee an experience that is both aesthetically and artistically out of the ordinary. Transform your nails into the pop-art paintings of Lichtenstein thanks to That Jane, incarnate the style of the Geishas thanks to the talent of Miku Tsutaya or even don a graphic explosions inspired by the work of Japanese Yayoi Kusama. As for Mimi, she can turn your nails into incredibly detailed galaxies. Open-minded to innovations in technology and new experiences, Rita also proposes, through the expertise of Regina Rodriguez, exuberant manicures with 3D sculptures.

In the heart of this minimalist space, you cannot help but succumb to the explosive encounter of the universe of beauty and the world of art. Benefit from this culture meets relaxation experience with the girls.

Photo credits ©Alexis Raimbault