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Global Beauty: Carita’s Hallmark

August 24th 2015

By offering comprehensive care for the face, body and hair, Rosy and Maria invented global beauty, bringing together several different professions in the same salon. They revolutionized the aesthetic world.

Cheeky: Rosy and Maria were 15 years old, when they opened their first salon in Toulouse, taking over functions which, for the most part, had been held by men. Bold: the sisters, were only 18 years old, when they settled in Paris, amongst Fashion Designers’ houses… visionary, avant-gardist, there are not enough words to describe the intrepid genius with which the house of Carita, driven by these young ladies, revolutionized the beauty codes of the era.

Out of the two sisters, Maria was an artist ‘par excellence’ as well as a perfectionist. Her nephew, Christophe Carita explains in his book, the “Carita Saga“: “When she had finished a hairstyle, she would say to herself that would be even better with a little more make-up here, a little less there… then she would think of the perfect blouse … and finally she would suggest adding some jewelry.” Maria would ask herself: “And how we could have done a hairstyle justice, if the hair wasn’t healthy and beautiful? And if the skin wasn’t pearly?”

Constantly striving for perfection, with an ardent desire to please, Maria and Rosy, asked their beauticians to extend treatments in the treatment rooms. Joëlle Poulain, joined the beauty house in 1966, and remembers with nostalgia: “If we were carrying out a hand treatment, Maria would say, ‘go up to the elbow!’ After, when we saw a customer’s back that had traces of acne and uneven skin on the neckline, we would work across those areas, as well.” It is how the full body care concept was born, this idea of global beauty, because “the back is as good as the front” as the two sisters liked to say. With a sharp eye for detail, the sisters even went as far as to enlist the services of Kao, a Chinese pedicurist – rather exotic in this post-war period – “who was so gifted that Edmonde Charles-Roux travelled from Marseille for him,” explains Christophe Carita in his book.

In the treatment room, the customer enjoys the undivided attention of the beautician. Listening and observing the customer enables them to offer the best possible treatment for the customer’s skin-type and to meet expectations. Rosy and Maria were diehard perfectionists. “Because they could never let a client leave looking “like that.” Meaning, not beautifully transformed, which is why they needed treatment rooms for both skin care and makeup,” explains Christophe Carita, alluding to the expansion of 11, rue du faubourg Saint­Honoré in Paris, of which they were so proud.

After having coiffed, massaged and transformed clients, they also sold shampoo for different hair types,  designed a specially adapted facial mask and anti-aging serum, which were all part of the magic exclusive to the house of Carita. Women and men could enjoy comprehensive treatments and continue the treatment at home. By offering tailor-made, head to toe treatments, Rosy and Maria had created the first spa.


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