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Discover Trichotherapy With Jill Andrieu

September 14th 2015

For a long time, Jill Andrieu worked as a fashion and studio hairstylist, namely at M.Alexandre. Then, in a complete shift with her regular practice, focusing on the human condition, she began to become interested in Jungian psychology. Through her consultations, she understood that hair is a window onto our health, and in our stressful society, peacefulness is more important than ever. So she invented Tricotherapy, an energy treatment that works on the hair just as much as the soul. Here’s our interview with her.

 What happens during one of your consultations?

I receive customers in my apartment in a special office. A consultation lasts around 1 ½ hours. First, there’s a massage using specific movements. Then, I do a haircut using a tanto (a small Japanese knife), invigorating hair bulbs, sending vibrations into cephalospinal fluid and spreading throughout the whole body. Finally, the protocol ends with harmonization using a razorblade that I hold at 90° so that it won’t cut the hair, but will tighten the scales on each hair. This is more of a treatment, but on request, I can of course do an aesthetic haircut, because as a woman, you need to feel beautiful.

 Are some people less receptive?

Those who come to see me are generally quite open-minded. For everyone else, I wrap them with warmth, attentiveness and kindness. I invite them to let go and get to know themselves.

 What happens next with customers?

Their hair is more beautiful and shinier. A living movement can be found because hair captures sensorial and emotional energy. If someone starts losing hair after an emotional shock, you can see it growing back within a few days.

Does this type of treatment create any special bond with customers?

In the moment, yes. This bond can be very intense and even emotional. But the person is still a customer. I have to always bring the person back to herself and not create any dependency. I don’t think this would be very healthy.

Does anyone ever think you’re crazy?

If by “crazy” you mean “crazy about what I do”, certainly! But I’m not a guru. I am well grounded, I work with my hands and I get definite results.


jill andrieu
Photo credits ©Collectif Lilith ©JH Rochereuil