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Kérastase Unveils The First Smart Hairbrush At CES 2017

January 9th 2017

Early this January, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, gathered together both small business owners and large firms to introduce their sound systems, tablets, smartphones and many other connected gadgets. In the world of beauty, FAB fell in love with the Hair Coach, the very first smart hairbrush, designed by Kérastase and Withings. Let’s take a closer look…

Fifty Years Of Technology

Since 1967, the CES has been the ultimate exhibition and demonstration venue for all the latest technological innovations on the planet. With 200 exhibitors that first year and up to 3,600 last year, many of the items that they introduced here have gone on to become a big part of our electronic world (the VCR in 1970, the video camera and CD player in 1981, the DVD in 1996, the Xbox in 2001), some have proven to be great technological advances (Apple and its wireless hearing aids in 2014), and others have since fallen into complete disuse (the MiniDisc, launched 1992). From entertainment and computers, telecommunication, and even vehicles and beauty, many electronic areas of our lives are widely represented at the CES.

Innovation In The Hair Area

Journalists and professionals alike roamed the aisles at the CES, which was a veritable village dedicated to exhibits in the heart of Vegas. Holograms, surveillance cameras, domestic robots, mini drones… without doubt, we were really in the most prestigious venue of cutting-edge high-tech on the planet. And so we come to the smart hairbrush. At the Vivatech show last July, the field of beauty was all about hairstyling, make-up and skin protection applications, but not so here under the leadership of L’Oréal: what we found was a smart hairbrush whose purpose is to help take care of one’s hair. Here’s the idea: studies have shown that brushing in an overly energetic manner damages the hair, makes the cuticles likely to break, and causes split ends. So, Kérastase, worldwide leader of luxury hair care, in partnership with Withings, leader in smart healthcare, and L’Oréal Research – a laboratory whose purpose is to meet the needs of beauty product consumers through breakthrough technological innovations – have launched the first smart hairbrush, the Hair Coach.

Transforming The Daily Beauty Routine

With the Hair Coach, the simple act of brushing one’s hair is enough to set off an entire data-collecting process. Thanks to numerous sensors developed by Withings and algorithms designed by L’Oréal that analyze the signals, this hairbrush can evaluate the quality of the hair and measure the effects of various haircare routines. Once the information has been collected, a mobile app – which also takes into account weather conditions, such as humidity, temperature, UV exposure and wind, all of which affect both hairstyle and hair quality – allows access to additional data and pertinent recommendations, making it ultra-personalized. This tailored advice, which includes an adjusted brushing style and suggestions for personalized products, is designed to help users take much better care of their hair, the ultimate purpose of the Hair Coach.

As proof of its success, the Hair Coach hairbrush received the CES International Innovation Prize, which awards mass-marketed technological products that stand out due to their design and engineering. The Hair Coach will be on sale starting the second half of 2017. FAB will tell you where, when, and & how!