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Aura Botanica – The Age Of Natural Ingredients

February 15th 2017

Kérastase is going green with a new line of haircare treatments that are 98% natural in origin, with argan oil from Morocco and coconut oil from the Samoan Islands. It’s an enchanting recipe for a range represented by model Toni Garrn – and an enthralling creation.

Natural Beauty

Living healthily, protecting the environment and acting in a responsible manner are all commitments to deep-rooted ideals that people in the beauty world share. Decléor is making “skin, body, mind” its guiding ethic. Recently, the Matrix professional haircare brand has also had an awakening of environmental conscience, launching its Biolage R.A.W. line of capillary products in the United States. Now Kérastase is doing likewise, with Aura Botanica. Attentive to providing for people’s growing desire for naturalness, the pioneering deluxe capillary brand is rolling out its first line of care products with 98% of their ingredients natural in origin. Cultivated on the flanks of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, argan oil has been valued for centuries in that country’s beauty treatments for its nutritional qualities, its hydrating quality and the shine that it lends to hair.

Photo credits: Kérastase

Harvested in the Samoan Islands, the archipelago paradise in Polynesia, coconut oil that grows in volcanic soils there has to penetrate the capillary fiber, and it delivers hydration, protection, suppleness and lasting strength.

There’s no silicon, sulfate or paraben in it. And the tiny percentage of the contents of its shampoos, after-shampoo conditioners, hydrating oils and nourishing care products that are not a natural ingredient are simply preservatives, fragrance or softener.

Photo credits: Kérastase

Fair Trade

Respectful of economic, social and environmental rights, Kérastase practices fair and supportive trade. By choosing the Targanine community project for its argan oil production, Kérastase is helping women in this rural environment to further their development (by providing access to means to learn to read and to write, and also to childcare facilities), and is contributing to conserving the argania tree in Morocco, the last green curtain holding back the threat of desertification. The same approach is being used in Oceania, by working with the NGO Women in Business Development (WIBDI). Here, coconut oil is one of the commodities that is contributing to the development and health of the local economy, while helping Samoans to take up bio production on the island.

Biodegradable & Eco-responsible

The Aura Botanica line achieves 97% biodegradability in its formulations. When you look at the details, you understand that most of these products have a near-total ability to be broken down by bio-organisms. Like their contents, the line’s containers themselves are also ecologically designed, with lighter packagings that therefore contain a lot less plastic. For instance, the cap alone saves up to 45 tons of plastic per year. And the Bain Micellaire (Micellar Bath Enhancer) is packaged entirely using recycled plastic.

Photo credits: Kérastase

Toni Garrn – An Ultra-Natural Artistic Inspiration

Who better than sublime Toni Garrn to represent the new Aura Botanica range? At 24, this lady who was once the face of Calvin Klein is now a member of the glamorous and prestigious circle of Kérastase ambassadresses, alongside Anja Rubik. “I’ve had a really healthy lifestyle since I started modeling, which was when I was 14,” says the well-being focused Toni.

With her long, fiery blonde hair, Toni says she has a particularly simple hair routine. “I think I do less than other women. I wash my hair after sport or when I travel. It’s a little dry, so I apply coconut oil. Apart from that… I’ve never done a frosting or anything else. My color just varies with the sun. I’ve always tried to use as many natural products as possible. Anything I eat, whatever I put on my face or hair has to be as natural as possible,” comments Toni, who’s a coconut oil lover.

Nature is clearly a great chemistry laboratory from which the professionals have been able to select the best to cater to our turn towards natural cosmetics.

Photo credits: Kérastase