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Earth Day: Hairdressers For The Environment

April 20th 2017

On 22 April, 192 countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day. Since 1970, this day has been an opportunity for all of us to learn more about environmental causes and to encourage actions in this direction.

With regard to their carbon footprint, the recycling and sorting of waste and the impact on biodiversity, hairdressers have multiplied their ecologically responsible actions. FAB has a look at the existing initiatives and hopes that many of you will follow suit.

Our Planet In Danger

In 1970, Gaylord Nelson – an American senator also known under the name of Nelson Pill Hearings for his actions to raise awareness about the secondary effects of the contraceptive pill – was a strong advocate for the environment. He proposed establishing 22 April as the day for talking about environmental crises and for taking them into account with regard to federal policies. With the massive support of the public, and then that of politicians, Gaylord Nelson was responsible for the adoption of several laws such as those on the protection of air, water and endangered species, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US. 22 April 2016 also marked the signing at the United Nations of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that came out of COP 21.

Earth Day
Photo credits: Organisation météorologique mondiale (OMM)

For this 47th edition of Earth Day, proposes green actions of all types: reforestation, the fight against plastic, saving the polar pack ice, an environmental education program or making a donation. It’s an active program that all of us can be a part of.

The Environmental Action Of Hairdressers

With their consumption of water and electricity, their shampoos or other products or else the lighting of their salons, hairdressers have an infinity of possibilities for acting in favour of the environment. Kérastase is implementing sustainable development at every level. A large amount of the materials for their products is made in a plant in Burgos, Spain, which can boast of having a neutral carbon footprint. The plant also heads a major initiative from the L’Oréal group concerning the treatment of waste, water saving and the production of energy from solar panels. The brand has changed its packaging by reducing its weight and altering the design of the caps. The result? A saving of 45 tons of plastic per year. In addition, at least 25 per cent of the packaging is made from recycled materials, allowing an additional 30 tons of plastic to be saved per year. Recently, with Aura Botanica, its hair line using 98 per cent of natural products, Kérastase joins the upper echelons of the green movement.

Earth Day
Centrale Biomasse à Burgos, Espagne. Photo credits: L’Oréal

In order to offer a toxic-free alternative to the green generation, Matrix is launching Biolage R.A.W., a new, almost totally natural line (free from silicone, paraben, artificial dyes and sulphate) made from formulas that are up to 98 per cent biodegradable and which come in 100 per cent recycled and recyclable containers. As with Aura Botanica, the Matrix scientists have created stable formulas with pure ingredients, selected ethically and ecologically from the four corners of the earth, such as clay from Morocco, white beeswax from Africa, spicy coriander from Bulgaria and yucca from the United States.

With 1,900 hairdressing salons around the world, the Dessange International group is multiplying its environmental actions. Some salons in the network (Dessange Paris, Camille Albane and Fantastic Sams) have LED lighting and are gradually being equipped with a water reducer. Seats, shampooing basins and even brushes are also made of environmentally responsible ceramics, recycled aluminium and wood from sustainably managed forests respectively, and are therefore environmentally responsible. With regard to their products, Dessange also has a natural line (80 per cent): Phytodess. And to go even further with large projects that respect the environment, the group has carried out a study concerning the environmental footprint of its international network, analysing its carbon footprint, water footprint, production of waste and impact on biodiversity.

Earth Day on 22 April awakens consciences, but all of us, both professionals and customers alike, can undertake a green action on a daily basis.