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BePretty: Just How Has This Latin American Beauty App Become A Star?

May 12th 2017

The market leader in Latin America, the BePretty mobile app helps clients and beauty salons get in touch with each other. Thanks to its reservations management, communication and marketing tools, the app has won over professionals and clients alike. Imma Santisteban, co-founder and marketing director at BePretty, talked to FAB about the recipe behind the project’s success.

Latin America: A Fast Growing Beauty Market

The beauty market in Latin America is big business, with yearly growth of between four to five per cent in Brazil, Argentina and Chile according to Euromonitor International. This trend is happening partly thanks to traditional beauty routines – like Brazil’s faxina – but also because of the growing importance of beauty and skincare in people’s self-esteem and professional success.

Monica Fonseca – Photo Credit: BePretty

“In Colombia, some salons open at 6:30am and close at 9pm,” Imma Santisteban told FAB. “If the consumption of beauty products and services is higher here than in the rest of the world, why wasn’t there a dedicated app to make things easier? We jumped at the  chance to explore this opportunity.” The app’s adventure began in 2015 in Chile, before stretching to Colombia and more recently to Argentina. Seven associates, specialized in the beauty and digital industries, decided to launch a platform initially dedicated to reserving treatments in beauty salons. With more than 30,000 reservations every month, BePretty is now the market leader in Latin America.

BePretty: What Does It Actually Do?

A marketplace beauty app, which means it lets sellers and buyers get in contact to make a commercial transaction, BePretty allows its users to discover beauty professionals, compare their tariffs and services before being able to instantly book a treatment. In order to satisfy their clients, professionals and salons listed on the app are all hand-picked: “As our clientele is upmarket, we aim to collaborate with exclusive beauty centers, but we also want to remain accessible. In other words, each center has to be the sort of place you’d recommend to a friend,” Imma explained to FAB.



This focus on trust is also found in the section where other users can leave comments and opinions about the services they’ve had. “After having received a treatment and lived the BePretty experience, the app lets you evaluate everything. We encourage clients to share their opinions and preferences via gifts, surprises and competitions, for example they might be able to win a year of manicures.”

A 100% Digital Service That Works For Beauty Professionals

Although BePretty aims first and foremost to satisfy its clients, the app also makes sure to look after its professionals. On top of the reservation service management, BePretty offers to help professionals attract new clients.

Marketing is a crucial part of this because it gives greater online visibility to professionals and their salons: “With BePretty, we offer professionals the possibility of developing a 360º digital strategy,” Imma explained to FAB. “A media expert manages the social network aspect for salons who want that: customer service, content creation plans, the development of a coherent editorial line… What’s more, unlike other press agencies, the BePretty team is totally immersed in the beauty market and its latest trends.”  



To stay competitive against the competition (Treatwell in Europe, Bucmi in Spain, StyleSeat in the USA), BePretty has to constantly update the services it offers. The app has just added a new functionality, which solves one of many salon’s biggest problems: “Most institutes notice that they have a lot more clients on Fridays and Saturday’s than at the start of the week. That’s why we now help them to fill up these  empty slots by proposing special offers.”

Instagram, A New Communication Tool

As marketing director, Imma Santisteban is well aware of the power that Instagram now has in the world of beauty communication and marketing. Practices are always changing however: “Before, we published lots of beautiful images, one’s that were super professional, just like everybody else on the market. These days, we focus on photos and videos from our users, for example of them getting their treatments done in one of BePretty’s best beauty salons. This intimate, friendly focus has also allowed us to work with some well-known beauty professionals such as Mónica Fonseca and Tatiana Castro.” Mónica Fonseca works directly as part of the BePretty project, while Tatiana Castro is one of its clients with her own beauty salon.

Monica Fonseca – Photo Credit: BePretty

So what’s the next step for BePretty? After Argentina, the latest baby in the BePretty adventure, the team seems to have already chosen the fourth Latin American country it wants to win over. But for now, that’s their little secret.