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Connected Beauty: 10 Innovations That Will Change Everything

May 5th 2017

From intelligent mirrors to connected hairbrushes, beauty 2.0 is here and it means business. Unveiled this winter at the CES show in Las Vegas, at Bologna’s Cosmoprof and at Austin’s SXSW festival, the sector’s latest innovations will bring professional beauty right into our homes. Are you ready to step into a new era?

HiMirror: a mirror that knows everything about your skin

An award-winner at CES 2017, the HiMirror brings together facial recognition and skin analysis technologies to suggest bespoke skincare treatments. Its sister app keeps a track record of how your skin evolves as well.


Hair coach: know your hair from A to Z

The world’s first connected hairbrush, the Hair Coach evaluates your hair quality and tracks the effects of your different haircare routines. The dedicated app also gives you personalized recommendations.

Hair Coach

Nailbot: personalization to the tips of your fingers

Preemadonna has created a connected nail art device: just choose the design you want on your smartphone and a printer will draw it on your nails!


Modiface: the future of your skin in a single click

Building on its make-up version, the ModiFace app can now analyze your facial skin and help you to choose the best skincare to offset skin aging.


Mapo: a connected mask at your service

This connected mask analyses your skin to provide bespoke skincare recommendations. It also lets you track your skin’s hydration and nutrition thanks to its dedicated app.


Quasar: healing light

Bringing together the beneficial effects of LED therapy and the power of a dedicated app: the Quasar Companion provides useful recommendations for your skincare regime (zones to target, the best length for each treatment, etc.).


Lumini: solve skincare problems before they appear

Lumini is a portable tool that analyses your skin’s quality and condition. Spots, fine lines, sebum: imperfections are spotted before they’re even visible on your skin!


S-Skin: the connected patch

Linked to a dedicated connected device, the S-Skin analyses your skin’s condition while the patch, with its micro-needle texture, helps your skincare treatments to penetrate to the very heart of the epidermis.


My UV patch: protect your skin in realtime

When hooked up to its dedicated app, which records data related to sun exposure, this temporary tattoo lets you keep an eye on your UV exposure in real time.

My UV Patch

Figure: express skincare

Individual doses of your personalized skincare cream are formulated according to recommendations from a mobile app that identifies your skincare priorities.

Romy – Paris