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How To Become A YouTube Star Working With All The Best Brands

July 20th 2017

On June 3, the Get Beauty Paris salon brought together more than 80 YouTubers and over 10,000 of their fans who came along to fulfil a long-held dream: to meet and get a selfie with their idols. FAB was there and met up with Horia who, with over 1 million followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube, is one of France’s most important beauty influencers. She told FAB about how her YouTube channel became a job and then a full-time business.

YouTube: Transforming The Worlds Of Beauty & Fashion

In June 2016, 5,3 billion beauty videos were uploaded for a total number of views exceeding 125 billion, that’s three times more than in March of 2015! Horia‘s channel is one of the over 535,000 on YouTube dedicated to beauty. Five years after its launch, the 20-year-old is now a full-time entrepreneur with a business built entirely around her image and her dedicated community of fans.

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Believe In Your Ability To Talk To Your Community

Fresh from the Valenciennes region of France with her high school diploma in hand, Horia – already passionate about beauty – began a Beauty and Cosmetics diploma that she eventually decided to stop in order to spend a year developing her own YouTube channel. “I’ve always loved videos and editing,” Horia told FAB proudly. “So when I realised that people were often stopping me to ask how i’d done my nail art and things like that, I thought: why shouldn’t I give it a go? And five years later here I am!”

Horia taught herself how to take advantage of the many different available tools to better communicate her ideas and to build a relationship with her fans: Hauls – overviews of her shopping sprees; Tutos – quick tutorials; Vlogs – video blogs; Get ready with me – a tutorial for a special occasion; Tags – a challenge or theme from another person; and Meet Ups – events organised by a YouTuber to meet her fans in person. These are just some of the different ways Horia tells her stories and develops a relationship with her subscribers.

‘Stay True To Yourself & Have Fun’

Horia believes her credibility comes from her just being natural with her fans. “There’s not really any secret. The best advice I can give is to stay true to yourself. If you create a persona, it won’t work. You’ve got to love what you do because it can be felt through the camera. So just do that: be yourself and have fun!

This spontaneity and the vibrant personalities of those YouTube stars who manage to rack up millions of views have long been a target of the professional world. Chiara Ferragni has undertaken multiple collaborations with prestigious brands like Tod’s and Repetto, L’Oréal Paris has taken Kristina Bazan as one of its famous ambassadors, and it would be impossible to list all of the Instagrammers and other It girls who receive parcel after parcel from brands who pay them to incorporate their products in a video. It’s a similar story for events. To promote Paris’s Hair Fashion Night styling event, L’Oréal Professionnel invited LittleJBeauty, theworldofsisters and amivimakeup, as did the Get Beauty salon. Whether it’s in the USA with BeautyCon or in Paris, Get Beauty always attracts huge crowds with its panels of YouTube and Instagram stars like Emma CakeCup, the ambassador for this year’s event, as well as Léa JNSPJ and Richaard, a young man on the way to being a big star.

Brands Riding The Wave Of The Influencer Boom

Having a good relationship with her brands has become an important part of a successful YouTuber’s work. Now an ambassador for the online store Boohoo, Horia told FAB about her day-to-day life: These days, being a YouTuber is something I love doing and that I manage in my own way. I’m relatively laid-back, but I dedicate all my time to it, during the week and the weekend. Apart from producing videos, the management of my business and dealing with my brands takes a lot of time!”

Today, 84 per cent of brands have relied upon ‘influencer relations’ as a part of their marketing strategy. These brands aim to benefit from a YouTuber’s potential to influence their viewers and boost sales of the products they demo in their videos.

In June 2016, L’Oréal Paris and YouTube took things a step further by creating BeautyTUBE, a talent incubator aimed at training tomorrow’s beauty YouTubers. Chosen from those already on the site, 10 talents – influencers both young and less young, both men and women – were brought to Paris to be trained in the YouTube Space. They learned to perfect their techniques in order to grow their channels and each week they shared their updates with their fans.

Now more than ever, the time is right for future beauty influencers to take the leap and upload their first video. Judging by the diversity of profiles already available on YouTube, there’s definitely room for everybody.