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Where Are The World’s Best Hairstyling Schools?

July 4th 2017

Do you dream of becoming the next Johnny Ramirez, Chris McMillan or Jen Atkin? Because as we all know, stylists and colorists are the real stars behind every celebrity’s best look. Having searched all over the world, FAB has put together its non-exhaustive list of five schools that really are among the very best. Let’s take a look.


This school is one of London’s best known and best loved, and for good reason! The level of training on offer is exceptional, with a maximum of six students per class. In 2016, the school won big at the British Hairdressing Awards. The teachers, all professionals who are up to date on the latest trends, are there to share their secrets with only the very luckiest of students.

The big plus: An events planning agency, dedicated exclusively to students from the school, which helps them find jobs and positions at all sorts of private and commercial events.

They studied at the London Hair Academy: Suhyun Kang (@sututorial) and Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall), both of whom were nominated at the British Hairdressing Awards 2016.

Credit: Instagram (@ldnhairacademy)


Situated on six continents, this school network is made up of over 2000 training centers that have adopted the Pivot Point method. The first of them was founded in Chicago in 1962 by Leo Passage, a pioneer of modern styling techniques. Before the 1960s, styling consisted mainly in cutting hair before fixing it firmly in place. Leo transformed this into the art of sculpting hair to produce styles that have a real structured base and so hold up on their own. Thanks to him, the previous techniques have been relegated to history, and the ones he pioneered are now the basis of modern hairdressing.

The big plus: Along with its practical exercises, Pivot Point has developed multimedia tools adapted to fun and attractive teaching

They studied at Pivot Point: Peter Michael Franelli, one of the ’80s most famous stylists.

Credit: Instagram  (@martiiinooo)

AVEDA INSTITUTE – USA, Canada, Australia

Founded in 1978, Aveda Institute is now present in 60 cities in the USA, Canada and Australia, making this institute one of the world’s best known and respected. Around 7000 students study there every year, each one choosing between the school’s three specialities: hairstyling, beauty and massage therapy.

The big plus: Aveda is known for prioritising natural beauty treatments.

They studied at Aveda: Lots of great stylists, in particular Graham Nation (@grahamnation), Jon Reyman (@jonreymanhair), Faatemah (@faatemahinc), and Jason Backe (@jasonbacke), who is currently an ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel.

Credit: Aveda


With a success rate of between 95 and 100 per cent at the country’s official exams, this French school located in Vannes, Brittany is a reliable hallmark of quality styling. First opened in 1989 by Michel Scotto Di Cesare, at that time the winner of France’s Meilleur ouvrier (Best artisan) award, the school brings together tradition and innovation by regularly renewing its equipment to stay at the forefront of the latest technological developments.

The big plus: The school offers a refresher course designed specially for practicing professionals.

They studied at Scotto Di Cesare: The celebrated stylist Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare (@stephane_scotto_di_cesare), son of the school’s founder, who among other successes won big at the 2014 Hairdressing Awards and who now works both in France and Montreal.

Credit: Instagram (ecole.scotto.di.cesare)


Founded in 1934 and still riding high with over 80 years of experience, Yamano is one of Japan’s most prestigious beauty schools, specialising in hairstyling and make-up, but also in hospitality, communications and management. Open to international students as well, the university offers programs of one to one and a half years, which combine Japanese language lessons with lessons in Japanese beauty techniques.

The big plus: getting to live at the heart of the Japanese way of life, world leader in astounding hairstyles.

They studied at Yamano: The world-renowned Shunji Matsuo (@shunji.matsuo), who has styled models such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, and who had his own salon in New York before moving to Singapore in 1999.

Credit: Instagram (@yamanobeautycollege)