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Calliste: How Do You Join The Agency That’ll Kickstart Your Career?

August 25th 2017

What do hairdressers such as Ryoji Imaizumi, David Delicourt or New Yorker Orlando Pita, and make-up artists Fred Farrugia or Tom Pecheux, Yves Saint Laurents new Director of Beauty, have in common? They are superstars in their fields, and they are all members of the Calliste agency, which has the power to kickstart a career. FAB gives you the instructions to join them.

How Does Calliste Work?

Set up in 1995 by Jean-François Raffalli, today Calliste represents around 40 highly renowned beauty artists. With his team of agents, Jean-François negotiates contracts and maintains a network of magazines, fashion designers and cosmetic brand contacts. Fashion week catwalk shows, advertising, photo shoots and advice on brands are all aspects that the agency must combine in order to enhance the talents of its artists.

Calliste: How Do You Join The Agency That’ll Kickstart Your Career?
Karine Raffali et Armelle Kermoal-Siiriainen Credit: @bycalliste

Whether in Paris, Milan, London or New York, Calliste ensures that its clients are there at the biggest events in fashion and beauty. Jean-François can often be heard saying “Our artists sleep next to their suitcases”, since part of his task is juggling full calendars and arranging trips for each of them.

Joining Calliste: Highly Selective Criteria

Join Calliste and you can watch your career take off. But getting there is a different matter, requiring that you really prove yourself, demonstrating your skills, brilliance, style and more. No single type of profile is prioritised. In fact it is the range of different talents represented that is the agency’s power. Jean-François gladly receives all those who wish to present their work to him. “He chooses them based on feeling. They must have already been on the scene for a while, have personality, talent and be in a world of their own. But they also need to want to share, since today being a good communicator is an essential quality if you want to be an out-and-out beauty artist,” explains Karine Raffali.

Being very demanding, the agency only recruits one or two new talents each year. Enthusiastic newcomer, hairdresser Seb Bascle chose Calliste because “it’s a mature agency that has huge potential and a significant client network”. After 15 years in the profession, he has already styled Michael Jackson and Claudia Schiffer’s hair, but considers himself one of the younger generation. He hopes Calliste will give his career a new dimension.

Building A Career

First and foremost, Calliste is a talent scout. Flair is certainly Jean-François Raffalli’s top quality. Once the artist has joined the agency, the proper thing to do is to build their career. “This is how the long-lasting and privileged relationship takes hold,” explains Karine, Jean-François’ wife. “Calliste’s role is to accompany our beauty artists on their journey. Even the strongest among us sometimes need to be guided when they reach certain choices in their careers.”

Karine Raffali et Armelle Kermoal-Siiriainen et Seb Bascle @bycalliste

A Website To Shine A Light On Exceptional Know-how

With ByCalliste, founded by his wife, Jean-François Raffali has recently added a new string to his bow. This new communication system enables his beauty artists to show the general public that they are the best in their field. Armelle Kermoal-Siiriainen, the site’s co-founder along with Karine, wanted to make it stand out from amateur beauty blogs by bringing professional expertise: “ByCalliste is the digital arm of the agency. We hope to put the know-how and also the humanity of our hairdressers and make-up artists within the reach of even more people, since they are not just technicians, but artists who are very sensitive to music, color and materials. They are creators of atmosphere. Most are very cultured and have incredible intellectual agility.” By bringing the artists out of the microcosm of the beauty studio, the site provides them with more visibility and fame. The key: “The Holy Grail, which is to say a contract with a brand,” Armelle Kermoal-Siiriainen confirms.

Are you ready to take off with Calliste?