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Five Instagram Tips From New York Color Master Beth Minardi

August 23rd 2017

Hair colorist Beth Minardi, who has over 30 years experience in salons and for brands, boasts 29.7K followers on @bethminardi and continues to develop her personal brand while working at the Upper East Side’s Samuel Shriqui salon. Here, she shares her tips for a successful Instagram account.

The Medium is the Message

People need to first know the message(s) they want to communicate.  “Just anything” doesn’t work! 

Know Thyself

Trying to be everything to all people dilutes your “brand” and your “brand” is the work you do, beautifying clients in the salon. You should post regularly, but not every moment. Sorry, no one needs constant “selfies” and no one (other than your personal friends), needs photos of the food you’re having at a restaurant… Make your social media your BUSINESS format. 

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Clear Shot

Sharing a short, yet helpful tip or a very clear and successful “before and after” photo really helps. Be sure to clearly share any promotions or special services or hours you are extending. Photos need to be those of which you are proud. Hair must be beautifully colored and ‘finished”, and should be head and shoulders, chiefly. Use a plain, one (light) color background… no patterns or people “photobombing” in the back. And, please, nothing like a door, furniture or any other “thing” going on in the background. If the model’s face is shown, appropriate make-up and a nice pose, soft smile, all help. Remove the salon smock…. A solid color top on the model allows the viewer to really LOOK at the hair or face… No distractions. Following others keeps us current, and allows us to “connect” with those whose work we enjoy. After all, salon professionals ARE a community!  

Tell your story

I started by posting one color idea or formula, almost every day.  Later, I began (with help) to add photos. Before you post, ask yourself: WHY am I posting this? Does it support my BRAND? Am I clear regarding exactly WHAT my brand is? 

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Be the Best

When I first opened my salon, there was NO social media! We learned to write press releases and pay for shoots. We reproduced photos and sent “Press Kits” to beauty editors. Those editors were TOUGH… and would look only at the releases they believed to be worthy of their notice… it was humbling and took lots of effort. But it DID teach me to focus on what was “news” and what was less than compelling.